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When you decide that Cabo real estate is the place where you want to own your dream home near the beach, you basically have to main routes to choose.  One is to buy a complete Cabo home for sale and the other is to invest in Cabo land for sale and have your own home built.  The following is a brief overview of each.


Buying a Home in Cabo

Homes in Cabo can be found for any budget, taste or lifestyle.  There are quaint, cozy “casita” style homes a little back from the beach that offer a comfortable lifestyle for those looking for savings, often well under $50,000 USD.  The beach is never far away, nor are services such as shopping, restaurants, etc.  Keeping a car in Mexico is always an affordable options, but so is using taxis, which will usually cost only a couple of dollars to get around town.

On the other end of the spectrum are luxury beachfront villas with very large windows and views of the ocean, private pools, large terraces and many other high-end features.  Homes such as these also cover a very wide price range, but always offer much better value that oceanfront homes anywhere in the U.S.  Between these two extremes, there is something for everyone.

The nice part about any complete home is that it is ready to move in and use upon delivery.  They often also qualify for mortgages or other financing.

Buying Land in Cabo

Land for sale in Cabo covers a similarly wide range of possibilities, with the difference that at the bottom end, there are larger lots available for about half of that of the least expensive homes.  In all honesty, since the “casitas” mentioned above are so low priced, the total cost would come out higher building a home even on one of these cheap lots, but the final product would be a larger home on a larger lot.  Even more importantly for some buyers is that it would be a custom design according to the buyer’s own tastes and needs.

At the other end spectrum, beautiful lots can be found in high-demand areas like marinas or other upscale beachfront communities.  These are likewise a good investment – higher cost, but higher value in the end, both in terms of lifestyle and finances.

The choice between land and homes in Cabo really comes down to if a buyer wishes to enjoy a home immediately, or wait a little longer and enjoy their custom designed home.

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