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While the beachfront tends to be the favorite for Americans and Canadians who choose to live in Mexico, there are also excellent options for Mexico homes for sale on beautiful, picturesque lakefronts, especially in the country’s central highlands.  The following are brief descriptions of two beautiful locations to consider for those who prefer this kind of landscape.

Lake Chapala Real Estate

Of the lakefront locations, Lake Chapala is by far the best known.  It is located about 1 hour away from the city of Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city.  The city’s well connected international airport is located only 45 minutes away, making it very easy to get to and from Lake Chapala.  On the lake, the two largest (and favorite) communities are Ajijic and Chapala.

Many American and Canadian retirees live in these communities.  The cobble-stone roads, quaint homes, very green, small-town atmosphere and the beautiful views of the lake with the forest-covered hills surrounding it are very appealing for relaxation.  The people are very laid back, and life is calm and quiet.  Most residents feel that these towns are actually safer than wherever they lived in the U.S. or Canada, leaving doors open and walking the streets comfortably.

One very big attraction is that the weather is more temperate than in the hotter beachfront areas.  Hot summer days would rarely be over 90, yet cooler “winter” nights get chilly enough to put on a sweater; even “winter” days get sunny and warm enough to chase away the cold.  Most of the year is ideal for biking.

Morelia Real Estate

The communities along the shores of Lake Patzcuaro near Morelia offer a very similar climate, and are ideal for those who are tired of winter and snow, yet like a cooler evening now and then that they can enjoy beside the fireplace.  Like at Lake Chapala, days get warm and sunny, even during the winter.

Morelia and Lake Patzcuaro are located about 4 hours away from Lake Chapala, about half way to Mexico City.  Morelia, a mid-sized city, likewise has an international airport of its own, as well as most modern services like shopping malls and international stores.

The villages on the shores of Lake Patzcuaro are still less discovered by international buyers and offer direct contact with age-old traditions and a way of life that offers a true escape from the busy hustle and bustle of modern life.

These are two fine examples of lakefront locations that soon-to-be expats may consider in Mexico.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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