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One of the growing trends in Mexico homes for sale has been that of ecological homes; Tulum real estate is one of the markets that has helped boost this trend the most.  Buyers are seeing the benefits of buying an ecological Tulum home for sale and moving into this market with eagerness; the following are some of those benefits.


You can care for the environment

One of the primary motivations that people think of is protection of the environment.  Sustainable and ecological homes in Tulum reduce energy usage, preserve the surrounding natural setting and reduce impact on very unique environmental features such as the world’s second largest barrier coral reef (by means of alternative water disposal.)  For more and more people, this is motivation enough in itself.


Excellent value on lot size

Ecological homes are necessarily built on large lots so that the majority of the vegetation can be left complete intact.  The prices are usually very low considering the size.  It also means that residents will own a large amount of “personal” and private natural space which they can take pride in caring for and protecting, while enjoying seeing flora and wildlife.


Natural heat reduction

One way in which these homes reduce energy usage is that they are surrounded by trees, creating more shade and reducing the need for cooling systems.  Ecological design also uses window placement and the angle of the home to use natural breezes and airflow for cooling.  It’s surprising how effective this method is (and how old it is; the area’s old haciendas actually used it.)

Quiet, private lifestyle

The large lots full of nature also offer a high degree of privacy.  One resident mentioned that he could blast his music for parties at night, and the neighbors wouldn’t hear it.  The same is true the other way around, of course; those who prefer a quiet lifestyle won’t have to worry about whether their neighbors are noisy or not.  The large amount of space simply means it’s not an issue.

Great investment potential

Tulum is growing in tourism and real estate; this means there is good potential for rentals.  Ecological homes are also growing in demand, meaning that potential for resale at a profit is good, especially considering the other advantages already mentioned here.

This combination of features is fairly unique in Tulum, especially since prices are also very accessible.  Buyers interested in ecological investment will do well to consider a home in Tulum.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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