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When you decide to buy Cabo real estate and make Cabo your new home, one alternative to buying a complete Cabo home for sale is to buy Cabo land for sale and have a custom home built.  There are several important factors to take into consideration when making this decision and preparing for this big move, including the following.


The price of land in Cabo

Land in Cabo is very well priced.  There are lots ranging from under $30,000 USD to large development sites that run into the millions.  There are many, many lots for well under $100,000 USD that are large and well-located near the beach and close to shopping.  Generally, the price of land in Cabo is a favorable factor to this approach.


The price of building a home

Having a custom designed home built in Cabo costs much less than one would imagine; homes are made of concrete structure with iron reinforcement, and concrete blocks.  Very high quality structures built by professional, experienced builders are well priced.  It is also nice that not all expenses have to be put in immediately.  Owners can invest in their building in “chunks.”

The price of homes

Anyone considering buying land and building will also do well to consider the price of homes in Cabo.  Homes are also very affordable, and comfortable properties can be found for under $60,000 USD.  Again, the range of prices goes up from there, with beautiful luxury villas directly on the beachfront topping off the market.

Your needs in design/space

While a home could probably be found for less than the minimal price of a lot and structure combined, a buyer with very specific needs or preferences in the home they will still usually come out on top buying land and building; i.e. if you were to buy a house similar to the one you would get after having your own built (which will almost definitely be nicer than the lower-end ones on the market) it will probably cost you more.


Your Timeline

Another important factor is how soon you need to use the house.  If you want to enjoy your home immediately upon delivery, a complete home may be better. If you are buying more for future use (a year down the road or more) than you might as well take the time and build it the way you want it!

Having considered these factors, you will be able to make a very clear decision about buying land in Cabo and if it is the right move for you!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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