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We all dream about life on the beachfront.  Only a few of us, though, ever take that step and actually make this dream a reality.  “But hold on!” you’re probably thinking, “I can’t afford life on the beachfront ...”

There is good news for you; you can afford life on the beachfront.  One option that allows you to do this is Cabo condos for sale.  The following are some of the ways in which buying a condo in Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of Baja California can make life on the beach affordable for you!

The Real Estate is Affordable!

First of all, you will probably be surprised to know that you can afford a very nice condo directly on the beachfront in Cabo.  Nice condos in beautiful units with pools, lounge areas and an upscale atmosphere in general can generally be found starting well under $100,000 USD!  While prices change with time, it’s clear that Cabo beachfront for sale is not only well-priced compared to other beachfront areas, but in a simple, absolute sense.

The Cost of Living is Low

Living in Cabo costs less than living in just about any part of the U.S. or Canada.  In fact, many expats in Mexico have said the cost of living can be as low as half as that of their home country.  Everything from groceries to monthly bills to going out for the evening will cost you noticeably less.


Life is Healthier

Have you ever thought about how much money you spend on health issues?  If you’re not spending money on a gym membership and a special diet, you’re buying medications and vitamins.  Living in Cabo’s year-round warm weather, having an active lifestyle, biking, walking on the beach, swimming and much more is made much easier. Fresh fruit and vegetables as well as local sea food is available for excellent prices.

Healthcare Costs Less

For those times when we do need good, top-of-the-line modern healthcare, it’s also available for a much lower price.

It’s Close to Home

With a good international airport, the cost of traveling to and from your home country is low as well.

Living on the beachfront doesn’t have to be just a dream; if you buy a beachfront condo in Cabo, it can be the day to day reality of your life, at a price you can comfortably afford.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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