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Few people know about Costa Maya real estate, and how it offers a great lifestyle, off the beaten track and very affordable.   Costa Maya is the last undeveloped section of the Mexican Caribbean, a few hours south of Tulum.   The following are a few property options that buyers may consider in this hidden-gem Paradise.


Homes in Town

The main town in Costa Maya is a little village called Mahahual.   This quiet town which is still a local fishing village traditional to the area transforms into a busy tourist hub every so often when a cruise arrives.   The tourism income from the cruise visitors has provided funds to transform the waterfront into a picturesque boardwalk-style promenade that combines the local feeling with tourism.


Homes in town offer close walking access to everything which the town includes - a few restaurants and bars, as well as a small selection of little grocery stores covering all the basics.   Most homes are quaint and comfortable.


Beachfront Mexico Condos for Sale (or Homes)

Condos directly on the beachfront are usually available in some of the small, close-knit communities out of town.   The amazing part about these condos is that they are large, well designed with nice finishes and spectacular views of some of the world's nicest beaches at prices that are unheard of in most places.


The same can be said of large homes on spacious lots directly next to the sand of the beach.   A favorite style is a contemporary Mexican style offering modern comfort with traditional items like clay-tiled roofs, courtyards and plenty of flower gardens.


Those living in these areas will usually enjoy a very pleasant lifestyle close to nature, where the worst traffic they find is goats on the road.   Weekly trips to town for supplies (and catching up on local news) are standard practice.


Mexico Beachfront for Sale - Lots

The same areas offer lots for sale directly on the beachfront.   Very beautiful and large lots are available for surprisingly low prices, both directly on the beachfront, or a row or two back.   Many buyers prefer this option since there is not a large supply of properties on the market.   It also allows each buyer to have a home designed and built exactly the way they want it.   Savings are also attractive, but then again, this is true of just about any property in the Costa Maya area …


For those looking for a quiet, undiscovered paradise, where they can still afford to live in beautiful properties on the beach, Costa Maya should be one of their top options.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


Region: Costa Maya Real Estate. Rebecca Loto is from the U.K. and after obtaining an Honours BA in Urban Development, she satisfied her desire to learn other languages by working in the tourism industry in various countries worldwide. After moving to Mahahual and building her own home, Loto became acutely aware of the issues that can arise, often complicated for non-fluent Spanish-speakers. She discovered that many people are not accustomed to the work styles in Mexico and become frustrated with the difficulty in finding reliable and trustworthy workers; Loto consequently decided to offer her services to other real estate buyers.

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