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One real estate market that few people have heard about in Mexico is that of Morelia real estate.  Like Lake Chapala real estate (a market area about 4 hours away), it offers a unique central “highland” experience within Mexico that is different from the more popular beachfront areas and appeals to many North American retirees.  The following are 5 lifestyle features of the Morelia area that retirees will want to consider carefully.

Lakefront Living – Near the city of Morelia, there are 2 large beautiful lakes with classic Mexican villages on their shores.  Retirees can enjoy life in town, with direct access to centuries of tradition in art, music, food and festivities; on the other hand, there are many beautiful cottages out around the lakes with large lots and splendid views of the water and the surrounding hills.


Colonial City – Living near the city of Morelia is also an advantage; this colonial city is one of Mexico’s hidden gems.  National tourism (mostly from the urban middle class) has given the Morelia the resources to maintain its colonial beauty in a way very accessible to visitors and to American and Canadian retirees.  Beautiful homes, majestic churches and tastefully landscaped city squares go hand in hand with museums, art galleries, sidewalk cafes, excellent restaurants and plenty of local festivities.


Moderate Climate – Most retirees are ready to get away from the snow, but many prefer a moderately warm climate to very high temperatures – something like spring or fall; this is just the climate found in this area.  Daytime most of the year is sunny and warm, usually between 80 and 95 degrees.  The night always cools off making for refreshing evenings; “cold” winter nights are just cool enough to put on a good sweater and warm up beside a fireplace (which some of the cottages come equipped with.)

Low Cost of Property & Living – Since Morelia and the surrounding have been discovered by only a handful of savvy expats, prices of properties are very low, as is the cost of living.  Budget is always important for retirees.


Modern Services – Morelia is a mid-sized city of just under a million, and includes all modern services, such as shopping malls, movie theaters, Walmart and similar stores, an international airport, and excellent hospitals.  Those who live on the lakefront are usually within 30 – 40 minutes of these services.

The Morelia area is a hidden gem; retirees who know about it will certainly want to consider the benefits of living here!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


Region: Morelia Real Estate. Liliana Gonzalez is a bilingual Mexican attorney and real estate consultant in Michoacan. She is the owner/broker of a real estate agency there. Gonzalez holds a law degree at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. She is one of first Mexican real estate professionals to receive a degree and a professional identification number in Real Estate. She has also taken numerous NAR courses.

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