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Puerto Vallarta retirement is a dream come true for many Americans and Canadians; what fewer people realize, however, is that choosing to retire in Puerto Vallarta actually offers them the keys to living out their dream retirement.  The following are those keys.

A Nice Home

Whether it’s a condo on the beachfront overlooking the sand and ocean, or a home up on the hillside with views of the town and splendid sunsets, Puerto Vallarta real estate is a pleasure to live in.  Outdoor living is an integral part of a owning a nice property – spacious balconies, large terraces and even fold-away walls are standard features.  What’s important is that retires can live comfortably in a nice property, even on an average budget.

Affordable Living

One of the biggest attractions of Mexico retirement is the low cost of living in this country.  While offering modern conveniences, Puerto Vallarta is no exception.  Groceries and bills are noticeably lower; property taxes are negligible.  Going out for dinner is not going to break your budget (or even leave any significant mark on it.)  For retirees budget is important; so is living comfortable.  This is why Puerto Vallarta is the ideal combination.


Another point that becomes more and more important for retirees is living healthily.  Mexico is known for excellent, modern hospitals that offer service for significantly less than in the U.S. – from 50 – 70 % less, for comparable quality and MUCH more personal service.  Puerto Vallarta is home to such hospitals and good healthcare is available for great prices.

It’s also worth noting that it’s much easier to stay healthy in the first place.  Warm weather and many outdoor activities (diving, golf, hiking, etc.) that can be enjoyed all year make it easy to be physically active, while fresh, local fruit and vegetables and seafood caught locally daily make for a healthy (and affordable) diet.

Warm Weather & Beaches

Beaches may seem like a luxury (one which retirees will certainly enjoy to its fullest!) but warm weather all year round becomes more and more of a necessity.  The average year-round temperature is 72 degrees.

Close Access Home

A well-connected international airport makes it easy to get back to the U.S. or Canada for visits.  It also makes it easier for friends and family to come and visit you while you enjoy retirement in Paradise – and believe me, they will!

For many retirees, these items are key to enjoying this relaxing stage of life, and there are few places that offer them to the extent that Puerto Vallarta does!

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