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One of the most exciting options within Mexico homes for sale is offered by Yucatan land for sale – the classic colonial home in the beautiful old city of Merida.  These homes offer residents a certain lifestyle atmosphere, both inside and out.

The Charm of the Homes

Yucatan homes for sale in the city of Merida are charming.  Whether it’s a cozy, old-style row house with a brightly painted facade and ornate window mouldings, or a classic home with a large courtyard with a central fountain surrounded by bougainvilleas and other colorful flowers all year, these homes are beautiful and a real pleasure to live in.  Living in this kind of home doesn’t just look nice, but it adds something to day-to-day life – a kind of relaxation that often seems to belong to ages past.


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Many of these homes have been adapted, with their original layout and style not only maintained, but also fully restored, with modern conveniences fully integrated in way that makes life as comfortable as it is relaxing.

The Charm of the City

The city of Merida adds as much charm to life as the homes themselves.  Old, narrow streets are lined by colonial churches, colorful homes and stately government buildings from days when it was important to make things beautiful.  The city is refreshed and made even more beautiful with city squares that are adorned with benches, grand old trees and plenty of flowers – not to mention relaxed people going for walks or sitting and enjoying the scenery.

Good restaurants, the music of mariachis, nice cafes, art galleries and museums are a pleasant part of day to day life.  This is also true of local markets that sell fresh fruit and vegetables, Mayan handicrafts and lively, colorful local festivals.

The Most Important Thing …

… is that you can actually afford this!  The cost of a home in Merida is very accessible, and there is something nice for every budget.  There is also the option of fixer-uppers which offer even more savings for those who enjoy renovations.

The cost of living is also very low.  Everything from groceries to property taxes costs surprisingly little. For many expats, living in Merida has made the difference of being able to live comfortably on a budget, or fitting a few more little luxuries into life.  For others in means living in luxury instead of just barely average.

Living in a colonial dream home in Merida is much more than just a comfortable home – it’s a complete lifestyle!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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