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When people think of Mexico land for sale, Puerto Vallarta is usually not the first market to come to mind.  Yet, along with buying a complete Puerto Vallarta home for sale, investing in land and having a home built is actually a viable option; here we will briefly compare the two approaches and identify the appeal in each.

Puerto Vallarta Land for Sale

While land in Puerto Vallarta is not the market that most people pay attention to, this fact can actually have some advantages for the buyer.  Those considering land for sale in Puerto Vallarta will probably find themselves competing less with other buyers and have an advantage in negotiating prices.  The reason why the market tends to be overlooked is because large-scale development of the central, beachfront and other high demand locations has pushed up land prices to the point where it may no longer offer savings.  Yet, in new, up-and-coming communities that are just seeing gentrification and some quieter residential communities that are not “hotspots” (but nevertheless nice and well located) offer well-priced lots.

These neighborhoods can be close to shopping, or on the hillside with the coveted views of the Pacific Ocean, the bright sunsets and the surrounding mountains.

High-quality design and construction can be found in Puerto Vallarta offering a beautiful, custom designed home at an excellent price that would otherwise cost more.

Puerto Vallarta Homes for Sale

On the other hand, there is also real appeal to buying a completed home in Puerto Vallarta.  One of the major appeals is that the property is ready to enjoy upon delivery – no planning or construction.  Most homes in Puerto Vallarta would qualify for mortgages directly with a Mexican bank.  For those seeking financing, this offers the advantage of not having to tie up home equity on an existing property in the U.S. or Canada.

There is also a greater variety of homes on the market, covering all price ranges, all locations, and a variety of styles, including beachfront villas, mountainside homes with splendid views, and fold-away glass walls offering indoor-outdoor living, quiet residential communities near shopping and other options.  Price reductions and fire-sales can offer very attractive prices for those willing to wait and watch.

Both land and completed homes are good ways of reaching the same end result in Puerto Vallarta – life in Paradise in a beautiful property.  Each buyer can talk to a reliable, qualified agent early in the search process to determine which option will work best for their needs.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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