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Most Americans and Canadians interested in Mexico real estate know about Cancun; fewer know about what you might call Cancun’s younger “sister” city – Ixtapa on the Pacific.  Ixtapa holds high appeal for vacationers, and Ixtapa real estate likewise holds high appeal for soon-to-be expats.

Anyone who knows a little about Ixtapa will be able to tell you it’s virtually across the country from Cancun, and in a very different geographical setting, with a different culture and historical context. So how can we call it “Cancun’s younger sister?”  Like Cancun, Ixtapa was born in the early 70s from a program set up by the government of Mexico to boost international tourism to the country’s most beautiful beaches.  So, like Cancun, Ixtapa:

  • has absolutely beautiful beaches with warm water
  • enjoys warm sunny weather all year round
  • is a completely planned resort community
  • has modern infrastructure, good roads
  • offers many tourism-related activities – boating, tours, good restaurants, etc.

However, because of a distinct location, setting and history, Ixtapa offers some items that Cancun doesn’t (and can’t!), including the following:

  • beautiful views of the Pacific, sunsets and mountains – Views of the Pacific Ocean, the bright red sunsets and the mountainous coastline are something truly distinct and beautiful! Properties can be found that offer all three of these views.  These items simply become a part of day to day life.
  • quiet, non-crowded setting – Most people will easily guess that Ixtapa is not as well-known as Cancun; this is not a surprise since Cancun is the most successful tourist destination in all of Latin America.  Although Ixtapa enjoys a good bit of fame of its own – its twin city, Zihuatanejo, is mentioned as the place where Red finally arrives to at the end of Shawshank Redemption – it’s kind of nice that it’s less well known and isn’t full of crowds of tourists.  For some people, this is more relaxing.
  • a taste of Mexico’s rich history and Pacific culture – Ixtapa’s twin city that I just mentioned – Zihuatanejo – is a traditional Mexican town, originally a little oceanfront fishing village.  It has local festivities, distinct regional food and a flavor of old Mexico for those who enjoy this sort of thing.  The nice thing is that it’s just 10 minutes away from the modern comfort of Ixtapa, so residents can very easily enjoy the best of both worlds.

While Ixtapa is similar to Cancun and holds a number of the same appeals as a planned resort community, it is distinct with an appeal unique to itself!

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