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Cabo real estate is one of the most exciting options for Americans and Canadians considering retirement, a vacation property, or making a go a starting a business and a new life as an expat.  Within this market, one of the property types that offer a variety of options in prices, styles and locations is Cabo homes for sale.  The following are some locations that buyers can consider for homes.


Considering prices in the U.S., most Americans and Canadians simply consider it out of reach to buy a home directly on the beachfront where the weather is warm most of the year (or even in places where it’s cold much of the year!)  The good news is that the prices of Cabo beachfront for sale are accessible to a good deal more of Americans and Canadians.  The properties are large with beautiful views and, perhaps most importantly, directly next to beautiful, sandy beaches where the water is always warm and pleasant.

Gated Communities

If prices for beachfront homes in Cabo are make this kind of lifestyle accessible to many more Americans and Canadians, then the prices for homes back from the beach “finish the job” and make life in a warm beachfront climate accessible to just about everyone.  There are beautiful homes in gated communities or in new developments that offer a nice lifestyle atmosphere, good neighbors, green areas and warm-weather relaxation near the beach.


In Town

Another good option is homes in town.  The towns of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are traditional Mexican towns that have grown into bustling tourist communities with significant numbers of expats.  The tourism has brought modern services like larger supermarkets and good healthcare.  Those who live in town can enjoy a walk everywhere lifestyle in a nice setting – and, of course, as always affordable prices for property and the cost of living.

Golf Courses

Cabo is one of Mexico and Latin America’s leading centers for golf, with 15 excellent courses to choose from.  Besides offering a variety of challenges for both experienced players and those taking their first hand at the game, very nice homes are available right next to the golf courses.  These offer nice views, lots of greenery and direct access to the game.

Whichever location type buyers choose for their home in Cabo, they will find that prices are excellent as is the quality of life.  Life in Paradise has never been this accessible!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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