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Owning Puerto Vallarta real estate is an ideal choice for retirement.  The following are just a few of the reasons why.

Excellent property options

Retirees who choose to live in Paradise can enjoy it in a variety of ways, selecting the property style and location most suitable for their needs.  Puerto Vallarta beachfront for sale is a favorite because of the close access to the beautiful Pacific beaches; yet, hillside Puerto Vallarta condos for sale are also an excellent choice since they offers spectacular views of the Bay of Banderas, the beaches and the surrounding mountains, and can be found within walking distance to restaurants, stores and other services.


As already hinted at, the beaches in Puerto Vallarta are one of the town’s main attractions; beautiful, soft sand, warm water and sunshine can be enjoyed as a part of day to day life whether retirees live directly on the beachfront or a little ways back.

Warm weather

For many people, warm weather is a dream lifestyle.  For many retirees, it becomes a question of practicality as well; cold winters simply become too difficult for the knees and health in general.   Puerto Vallarta’s has an annual average of 72 degrees, and it’s rare to see an entire day without sunshine.  Doctors have actually proven that plenty of sunshine is beneficial for people’s emotional health.


Believe it or not, this kind of lifestyle is not something people could try to squeeze into a retirement budget, but it actually presents real savings as compared to the cost of retirement in the U.S. or Canada.  The savings start with property prices, but also extend to regular expenses like groceries, bills and property taxes.  Going out and enjoying life also costs considerably less.

Good health care

For retirees, healthcare is an important factor.  Puerto Vallarta is home to good, modern hospitals.  The price of top-quality healthcare is 50 to 70% less than in the U.S.   Healthcare expenses also drop because of the benefits mentioned above (outdoor, active living, sunshine, etc.) as well as easy and affordable access to fresh, healthy food.

Modern services

Puerto Vallarta has supermarkets, malls, professional golf courses, movie theaters, full service marinas and much more.  Retirees rarely miss conveniences from back home because the vast majority of them exist here – and more are always appearing.  Again, the price of these services is usually much less than in the U.S. or Canada.

These reasons, among many others that anyone who has already retired here could list off, make Puerto Vallarta an excellent place to retire, and Puerto Vallarta real estate an ideal way to enjoy this retirement.

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