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When people think of Cancun real estate, they usually think of Cancun condos for sale along the beachfront.  This is an excellent real estate and lifestyle option; on the other hand, buyers often make the mistake of overlooking the great properties for sale downtown.  The following is a summary of the advantages of owning and living downtown.

Conveniences – Downtown Cancun has many, many conveniences, ranging from mega large-screen movie theaters with surround sound (and movies in English, of course!) to international stores like Walmart and Home Depot, from local cafes to international dining, from local markets to large supermarkets.  As the urban heart of Latin America’s most important tourism region, downtown Cancun offers just about anything an American or Canadian would miss from back home.

Walk-everywhere lifestyle – Because it’s the downtown area, many Cancun homes for sale, as well as condos can be found within walking distance to many of these conveniences.    The downtown area is also pleasant to walk around in, combining the views of nice cafes and markets with nice homes and streets lined with colorful flowers and lush trees.  Taxis are very inexpensive for anyone who prefers to live without a car altogether.


Prices – One very attractive feature of the downtown area is that prices for homes and condos are very low – even lower than the already excellent prices in the beachfront tourism area.  Because of high demand, homes on the beachfront are in low supply and are often out of the range of an average buyer, leaving condos as the main option; those looking in the downtown area can easily consider a home as a viable and well-priced property choice. 


Investment options - This is especially true of fixer-upper homes which are low-priced (even after considering the cost of the renovation) for those who enjoy a personal project; this option also allows owners to given the property a personal touch to suit their own tastes and needs.  Such projects offer good investment potential, especially as Cancun continues to grow as the heart of Latin America’s most important tourism area.


Warm Weather and Beaches – Of course, even though residents of downtown are not living directly on the beachfront, they still enjoy access to the world’s nicest beaches, and warm weather all year round.  Good beach access is usually about a 10 minute drive around, but could be less.

Buyers interested in Cancun should ask their agent about properties downtown; they may be pleasantly surprised by what they find.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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