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Puerto Vallarta real estate offers a fairly solid variety of styles and locations.  One location which all buyers will want to consider is that of the hillside.  The following are a few of the advantages.

Views – The number one motivation for buyers to choose the hillside is the views to be enjoyed from this location.  The hillside not only offers the same spectacular views of the Pacific and the fiery sunsets over the water, but also the quaint Old Town, reminiscent of Puerto Vallarta’s humble past as a fishing village, not to mention more complete views of the Bay of Banderas and the surrounding mountains.  Many properties are designed especially to make the most of these views, with large windows and spacious patios facing out towards the Bay.


Property Variety – The hillside typically has a better variety of property options than does the beachfront. In addition to beautiful, luxury condos for sale with nice views (or perhaps we should say “nicer” views) there are also more Puerto Vallarta homes for sale and Puerto Vallarta land for sale in a  variety of styles.  Typically speaking, those considering the hillside will have more variety to choose from.


Prices – A huge factor that makes the views and the better selection of properties even more attractive is the fact that on the hillside prices are more accessible to the average buyer.  Besides having more home available, the prices are simply that much lower.  Even the prices for condos on the hillside compare very favorably.



Amenities - This having been said, it’s worth pointing out that these locations are not in any way less convenient.  Hillside communities are often within walking distance within downtown conveniences such as supermarkets, large stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. (Most residents prefer to spend the $3 for a taxi to go back home; the walk up can be a bit of a task …)


Sunsine, Beaches, Modern Services, etc. – Of course, even living on the hillside, residents will have a few minutes’ drive to the beachfront.  Sunshine and warm weather can be enjoyed all day any day on the patio at the poolside.  All the benefits of Puerto Vallarta, like the well-connected international airport, professional golf and state-of-the-art hospitals, etc. are just as accessible to those who own on the hillside as on the beachfront.

In the end, most buyers who take time to consider this option will see that there are real advantages and attractiveness to buying a hillside property in Puerto Vallarta.

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