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Within the options for Mexico retirement, there are a few that stand out as offering the best of Mexico plus a good number of their own attractive points. One of the most notable of these is Puerto Vallarta retirement.

As the best Mexico has to offer, in Puerto Vallarta retirees can enjoy:

Low Cost of Living – In Mexico, the cost of living is low; everything from groceries to property taxes, from traveling to health insurance costs noticeably less.  Like the rest of Mexico, retirees can live very comfortably on a much smaller budget – or, for those whose budget is a bit more flexible, they can enjoy a few more luxuries in this relaxing time of life.

Beaches and Warm Weather – Mexico has thousands of miles of coastline, and much of this has beautiful beaches; among these beaches, Puerto Vallarta’s stand out among the nicest.  Mexico’s year-round warm climate is at a perfect balance in Puerto Vallarta with an average temperature of about 72 degrees.

History and Culture – Puerto Vallarta’s old town is still a classic little fishing village with cobblestone roads and little white homes accentuated by red clay roofs.  Besides Mexico’s culture, Puerto Vallarta is also the scene of some very important places in the history of expats and visitors to Mexico – like Gringo Gulch, the neighborhood where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton first began their much publicized affair.

As its own unique features, Puerto Vallarta offers retirees:

Mountain, Ocean & Sunset Views – While many parts of Mexico offer beaches and views of the ocean, and many others have mountains, the combination in Puerto Vallarta is a unique one; the city is nestled between a bay and the mountains that surround it, meaning one property can have views of the fiery sunsets over the ocean, the old town and the mountains.  This is a nice treat for retirement!


Modern Services – Much of Mexico has modernized considerably over the past decade or two, but Puerto Vallarta outshines much of the country, offering modern services very similar to those that American and Canadian retirees would be used to from back home; professional golf, nice, large malls, movie theaters and international stores are just a few examples.


A Large Expat Community – Puerto Vallarta is not only one of the oldest expat communities (pre-dating Elizabeth Taylor’s adventures by a decade or two) but also one of the largest to be found anywhere.  American and Canadian retirees will always have neighbors from back home.

Retirement in Puerto Vallarta is most certainly all the best of Mexico, plus a few really nice points of its own.

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