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Within Puerto Vallarta real estate, there is a variety of locations and communities to choose from. Two of the main location styles to consider are beachfront and hillside properties.  The following is a comparison of the main attractive features of each to help buyers choose.



Beach Access

Puerto Vallarta beachfront for sale, of course, has the best access to the beaches.  Besides the views of the sand and the ocean, residents can walk out from their front door directly onto the sand.  For many buyers, their dream come true is to live in a location like this, where they look down from their balcony and see one of North America’s most beautiful beaches.


Rental Potential

Since most vacationers are focused on the beachfront area, and that’s where most tourist-focused services are, condos or homes directly next to the sand are the ones with the most potential to rent out more frequently and at a higher rate.  Investors dedicated to rental income, or especially retirees and vacationers who are hoping to cover expenses while they are not using the property.

Bragging Rights!

Owning a condo (or a home) on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta is definitely something you can brag about!  Most people will know about this location, and you may find yourself having friends (and maybe even relatives) that you never knew about before.  (Depending on how much you are looking for such visitors, you may want to be careful who you brag to!)





While the views on the beachfront are without a doubt beautiful, the ones from the hillside are simply splendid, including the Pacific Ocean, sunsets over the ocean, the Bay on which the city is located, the beaches, the surrounding mountains and often even the charming Old Town.  Puerto Vallarta condos for sale and homes have large terraces to make it easy to enjoy this aspect of hillside properties.


While the hillside certainly has its charm, and the beach is never far away, there is less demand for this location and prices tend to be noticeably lower.  Often significantly nicer properties can be found for even a lower price (and this is considering that Puerto Vallarta beachfront is already very competitively priced!)

Both the beachfront and hillside properties share excellent access to modern services, good restaurants and many activities and events.  Some buyers prefer only the beachfront, but there are excellent reasons to choose either.

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