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When people buy Cabo real estate, one of the main motivations is the beaches.  There are distinct advantages to buying Cabo condos for sale directly next to the sand of the beach.  The following are some of those reasons.

Life Next to the Beach – Since the beach is the main attraction, why not live right next to it?  Of course, there are many other excellent locations to choose from, but buyers need to consider what their main motivation is.  There definitely is appeal to waking up in the morning, walking out the front door, and making the day’s most difficult decision; “Should I go left or right along the beach this morning?”


Views – Living directly on the beachfront, even before heading out the door residents can enjoy the views of the wide sandy beaches, the sunrises, the sunsets, etc.  Large windows and nice balconies are standard items in Cabo beachfront for sale.


Value – Condos on Cabo’s beachfront are excellent in value on several levels.  One is in comparison to beachfront properties in the U.S. prices are a good deal lower.  The other is that prices are low in an absolute sense; average American buyers and sometimes even those on a lower budget can consider owning such a property and live in luxury!  There is also good value for future resale.


Rental Potential – Owners who are not planning to use their property all year round can fairly consider covering some expenses by renting out the unit to vacationers.  Properties directly overlooking the sand have the highest appeal and bring in the best rental income.  Cabo is one of Mexico’s favorite vacation spots for international travelers, and properties for rent on the beach often get good exposure just by “being there.”


Modern Services – Cabo is a tourism hub, and for this reason has come to offer features like Walmart and modern shopping malls.  Properties have reliable urban utilities, and items like high-speed internet are available (at very good prices, actually!)  There is also an international airport which offers a good variety of flights to major locations for reasonable prices.

Living in Cabo is a dream come true; owning a property directly on Cabo’s beachfront is not only a nice little luxury in life, but it is also a very good investment.  One of the best parts about it is that it’s both a little luxury and excellent investment that the average buyer can fairly consider.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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