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When people thing of Mexico homes for sale, they usually don’t think of Cancun, and when people think of Cancun real estate, they usually don’t think of homes!  Yet, Cancun homes for sale are actually an excellent option for expats to consider.  The reasons are some excellent reasons for Americans and Canadians to consider this property type in this community.

Location & Conveniences

Most homes for sale in Cancun are located in the downtown area.  The location offers an excellent lifestyle; stores, shops, malls, big-screen movie theaters (with movies in English,) supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, local markets, big international stores, clinics … the list could go on – these are all within walking distance of home.  Convenient access to services and convenience a resident uses every day is a very important factor offering relaxation as a way of life.


Beaches & Sunshine

Downtown is separated from most of the beachfront where the hotels and tourism activity are by a large lagoon; for this reason, the first reaction of many buyers is to choose a condo in the “Hotel Zone” strip (homes are very hard to come by.)  Yet, downtown is only a 10 minute drive away.  For those who prefer a car-free lifestyle, taxis offer a very affordable way to get to the beach, usually costing around $3 or $4 dollars.  Once actually settled down and enjoying the convenient lifestyle of downtown, most people don’t find it a bother to spend the little bit of time or cash to get to the world’s most beautiful beaches, especially since homes downtown are so well priced …


Since downtown is not the heart of all the tourist action, prices tend to be lower than along the beachfront; if prices are the same, than the downtown home will usually be that much more spacious.  It’s pretty safe to say that in an absolute sense, the lowest prices will be found downtown; especially for those who prefer a stand-alone home to a condo anyway, this pricing factor becomes a huge appeal.

Investment Potential

There are also a number of good fixer-uppers available for even lower prices that could be a good investment for anyone who enjoys this kind of project – or, simply offer even further savings.

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