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When people think of Mexico real estate, they usually think of only two options – beachfront in tourism areas, and old colonial.  However there are many other options available; one of these is the Caribbean Island lifestyle of Cozumel real estate.  The following are some of the appealing points of owning real estate on the island.

Beautiful, Subtropical Nature

The island of Cozumel is largely covered by subtropical forest with its lush, green tress, colorful birds and large variety of wildlife.  Nature lovers can enjoy Cozumel’s nature either living in town or on a resort, going on outings, or in eco-communities surrounded by this pure beauty!



A very important part of the island’s nature is the beaches.  The soft, white sand and bright turquoise water is among the best that the Caribbean has to offer.  The sand and water are warm and offer the ideal place to enjoy the island’s sunshine; a day rarely passes without it!

Mayan History

Cozumel is one of only 2 places along Mexico’s Caribbean Coast that has been inhabited continually since before the Spanish Conquest, by its original inhabitants – the Mayan people.  Besides Mayan villages, there are also a number of awe-inspiring ancient pyramid sites.  Every year, there are also a number of ancient Mayan rituals performed, such as the sacred crossing of the strait to the mainland on canoe.

Easy Access

Cozumel has its own international airport with some direct flights and many connecting flights to all locations in North America.  Although you feel ages away, the busy tourist areas of Cancun and Playa del Carmen are just 45 minute ferry ride away, and the airport is another 45 minute drive; Cancun’s international airport is one of the best connected in Mexico and Latin America.

Modern Services

Cozumel’s residents enjoy supermarkets, large, modern stores, good phone service, high-speed internet, modern clinics and hospitals and much more.  Everything that can’t be found in Cozumel is easily found in the larger cities on the mainland.


Excellent Prices

Prices for homes and condos are still very low on Cozumel.  Lots for sale (ecological or otherwise) offer a great way to save even more money and for buyers to build custom homes exactly as they want them.  The cost of living is likewise much lower than what any American or Canadian would be used to.

Cozumel shows that life on a tropical island is not only possible but very accessible and affordable!

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Region: Cozumel Real Estate by Rita Sheese is the Cozumel AMPI chapter president. She is also a member of the Cozumel Urban Planning Commission and Foundation for Strategic Planning for the Caribbean Island. She began her career in Property Management and Real Estate Sales since 1985. (512)-879-6546

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