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When Americans and Canadians think of Mexico retirement, the first thought that usually comes to mind is “beachfront.”  Many parts of Mexico (including Yucatan itself!) have great beachfront towns to retire in; yet, another option which more and more expats are considering is that of a colonial home, in many ways best represented by Yucatan homes for sale in the classic old city of Merida.  The following are some of the points that are different about this choice.

Lifestyle Atmosphere

While offering the same warm and sunny weather all year round, Merida has a very different “feel” to it.  It is not a place where the shops and community image were created to appeal to tourists; they simply have been this way for centuries.  The narrow, straight roads, the classic architecture, the brightly painted facades on the homes, the local markets, and the lush green city squares are all a beautiful part of regular, everyday life.


Services and Activities

Although it doesn’t feel like a “big city”, Merida is the largest city on the Yucatan Peninsula.  It includes shopping malls, international stores, large sports complexes, large-screen movie theaters, state-of-the-art hospitals, an international airport and much more.  Walking the charming old streets of the city, you can easily forget that it is a modern metropolitan at the same time, yet those services are always there, nearby and convenient.

Historic and Cultural Charm

Merida’s history and culture are visibly a part of everyday life, as already mentioned; yet the history and culture is also something that runs deeper.  Old churches and historic sites come to life with the same people whose ancestors built them; local festivities bring centuries of history to life in a way that can be really enjoyed by everyone.  Art galleries, live music (jazz, mariachi, and much more) and delicious local food bring artistic and cultural creations into real experience.

Prices & Cost of Living

While all of Mexico is inexpensive, Merida has remained even less expensive than the places most Americans and Canadians know in Mexico.  Homes (and other Yucatan real estate) can be found for excellent prices and the cost of daily living is very low.  Flights to and from home are frequent, direct and well-priced.  Just about anyone can afford to retire in complete comfort in Merida.

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