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When you buy Puerto Vallarta land for sale, you will be starting the process of investing in your own custom dream home in paradise; for this very reason it is important to take steps that ensure you will be buying safely, protecting your funds and making the Puerto Vallarta real estate search and buying processes comfortable and as smooth as possible.  The following are some key steps.

Inform Yourself

There are excellent resources about buying real estate in Mexico, such as Mexico real estate guide e-books.  These will offer plenty of information very relevant to Puerto Vallarta, such as buying and owning along Mexico’s coastline (which requires a special vehicle of ownership,) contracts involved and professional services required.  There are also very experienced industry professionals who know Puerto Vallarta’s market inside out and share this knowledge on blogs.  The more information you have, the better decision you can make when you choose your property.

Research the Market

The same blogs just mentioned will offer up-to-date market information about prices, new developments, great deals, buying trends, good locations and the like.  Simply finding good online listings and browsing through them to get a feel for what’s available for lots and what prices are like is a good idea as well.  It’s also worthwhile investigating the price of construction and related costs; it’s important to know what total budget you’re looking at.  Closing costs and permit costs should also be researched to avoid surprises later on.

Find the Right Agent

The most important step you will take is to find a qualified agent (with certificates, membership in Mexico’s professional association, etc.) and plenty of experience directly in Puerto Vallarta.  Your agent will know which areas are good for lots, what going prices are and where to find good reliable construction companies.  They will also guide you through the closing process safely.  Take time to find the right agent; it’s worth it.

Use Basic, Common Sense

Basically, use the same common sense you would when buying a property in the U.S. or Canada; if you don’t feel comfortable with a certain property, ask your agent to help you find a different one.  Always consider all costs.  Don’t take unnecessarily high risks on properties that are not in legal order, etc.

Following these steps, you will be ready to buy land in Puerto Vallarta, safely and comfortably!

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