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Besides the fact that it’s a beachfront paradise at its best, one of the most attractive items about Cabo real estate is that there are homes for sale in every budget range and for every lifestyle.  Cabo homes for sale offer a dream lifestyle that Americans and Canadians can afford!

What’s Available for a Low Budget?

First of all, let’s define what we mean when we say “low budget.”  As of mid-2012, individual homes were available for under $50,000 USD!  Homes like this would be a short drive from the beach, located in a pleasant neighborhood and comfortably cozy for a couple (or even a small family) to enjoy for retirement or vacation.  Such a home could also be a walk away from basic shopping and a short drive from bigger stores and shopping areas.

A home like this could also be a good investment; rental income generated on such properties is usually steady and proportionately high compared to what rental income percentage generated on properties back in the U.S. or Canada.   With tourism thriving and demand for well-priced properties growing, value can easily rise within a couple of years.

All Budgets, Shapes and Sizes

 From there, there are dozens upon dozens of homes available for any price range; in the mid-range, around $200,000 USD - $250,000 USD there are large family homes of 3 or 4 bedrooms available in very upscale communities only a walk away from the beach.  They often include features like fully furnished sales, beautiful finishing, spacious, well-laid out design and even maid’s quarters which could be converted into a studio or work area.

Homes like this are also a great investment, especially considering that a home of the same quality, design and visual appeal could never be considered for this kind of price back in the U.S. or Canada – especially not any near a beach.

Beachfront Luxury

While prices go up for Cabo beachfront for sale, they are still very, very competitive compared to beachfront in the U.S. (Even beachfront in Canada, that can only be enjoyed 4 months of the year, will cost a good deal more.)  As of 2012, homes with direct views of the sand start somewhere around the $500,000 mark.  Such homes are very large and usually include pools, very nice, upscale design, prestigious communities and direct access to quiet and exclusive beach areas.

Regardless of what budget an American or Canadian is looking for, homes in Cabo offer access to a warm-weather lifestyle in a beachfront Paradise.  Few markets offer such an attractive variety for such excellent pricing and access to such a comfortable, modern lifestyle!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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