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Playa del Carmen Real Estate - Beachfront Paradise, Accessible to North Americans

Thomas L. Lloyd, campeche Broker By Thomas L. Lloyd

Expats looking for a life in Mexico often look for two different factors; one is the beachfront paradise with all its relaxation and nature, the other is a modern lifestyle that is comfortable and accessible for the average American.  Playa del Carmen real estate is one of the options that combine these two items with an ideal amount of each.


Playa del Carmen as a Beachfront Paradise

Not that long ago, Playa del Carmen was a forgotten fishing village on the Caribbean – a few houses which belonged to fishermen nestled on the beach, surrounded by pure jungle.  Life was defined by relaxation, nature, warm-weather and sunshine.


Although change has come, these elements remain an integral part of life.  Beaches are lined with palm trees, resorts are surrounded by jungle, and early in the morning fishermen can still be found making their daily catch on the beach.


Just as importantly, expats who arrive in this place to make it their new home can enjoy all of this first hand.  Condos and homes on or near the beach make it easy to make the white sand and turquoise water a part of everyday life, all year round!  Activities like swimming or snorkeling in “cenotes” which are natural pools of water at the entrance ways to the area’s underground cave and river system allow residents to come into full contact with nature in its purest form.

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The Modern Town

Without having lost this sense of being a true natural beachfront paradise, Playa del Carmen has come to offer all of this within the context of modern conveniences.

The beach can be enjoyed surrounded by nature, or in an upscale beach club (which is still surrounded by nature!)  Relaxation on the sand, surrounded by sub-tropical vegetation is still possible, but so is relaxation in a yoga class – either on the beach or in the relaxing setting of a yoga center.


Living this paradise lifestyle, Americans also have complete access to supermarkets, professional golf courses, a state of the art hospital and much more.  There is also easy, direct and affordable access by means of the Cancun International Airport.


Few places in the world offer the balance found in Playa del Carmen!


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