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One of the most important factors to consider when you first begin your search for real estate in Mexico will be safety in the purchasing process.  While choosing the right agent will ultimately be your most important resource, there are online resources available so you can begin informing yourself about safe buying procedures and similar items from the beginning.  This can also offer you more confidence as you move ahead.   The following are some online resources to consider consulting.

Mexico Real Estate Blog

A blog kept up to date daily by leading brokers or other professionals in related careers can be an excellent place to start. Such a blog will probably offer articles on what to look for in properties, the closing process, closing costs, bank trust ownership, financing options and much more.  In addition, you will also find posts about spotlight properties which the blogger feels deserves special attention, lifestyle, economic factors, market conditions and real expat stories of others who have made the move to Mexico.  All of this can give you an excellent overview of the buying process, how to protect your funds, and what you can look forward to in your new life in Mexico.

Mexico Real Estate Guide E-Book

While a blog will give information as it turns up, or changes, there are excellent e-books available for free online that will offer solid information on the buying process and buying safely, focusing on the factors that remain fairly constant over the years.  For example, what contracts will be involved, and what should each one include? Other than your agent, what professionals will you need to work with?  How important is it to work with an agent, and what should you look for in an agent?  These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in a good e-book.

Mexico Real Estate User Account with Articles

A few of Mexico’s leading brokerages have added user accounts to their web sites.  These user accounts give you access to a full range of articles which have been compiled offering information about Mexico real estate, including safe buying, area descriptions, economic news and expat stories.  They also give you access to a property saving tool (so you don’t have to repeat searches), e-mail notifications and price reduction listings, among other items.

It is highly recommendable to make use of at least one of these tools from the beginning of your search to help steer you in the right direction, leading to the final goal of a safe and comfortable purchasing process.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


Region: Campeche Real Estate. Thomas Lloyd graduated from Purdue University Krannert School of Management with a degree in Management/Financial Option Investments. He has been living, investing, and working professionally in Mexico for over 15 years. A Mexican Certified Realtor he is the current president of TOPmexicorealestate, you can contact him at (512) 879-6546.

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