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When your final goal is to own a home in Tulum, there are two basic options; one is to buy Tulum land for sale and build, the other is to buy a finished Tulum home for sale.  Both are excellent options, and the following guidelines will help you choose between the two, according to your needs and tastes.

Tulum Land

Land is currently the most popular Tulum real estate type.  Tulum is a small village at the southern end of Mexico’s most important tourism region – Cancun and the Riviera Maya.  Since the community is small, land is plentiful all around, including in the area between the town and the beach, offering an ideal location a walk away from both.  There are also ecological communities that offer very large lots, a natural lifestyle, environment-friendly infrastructure and plenty of privacy and clean air.

Because tourism is growing in the area and more buyers are taking interest, there is good potential for appreciation.

Homes can be built for reasonable prices, and there are experienced builders (American and Mexican) who allow you to track the process over the internet with regular updates, pictures and complete cost reports.

Of course, many buyers are attracted by the prospect of having a custom home designed according their own liking.

Tulum Homes

The main lure of buying a complete, finished home is the same as anywhere else; it requires no effort on your part to prepare it.  As soon as the property is delivered, you can enjoy it.  Prices are also very reasonable at this moment.

There is a variety of homes available, including traditional Mexican-style homes in the town center and eco-homes that are nearly self-sufficient in green complexes.  While there is little development on Tulum’s beachfront, and much of it is protected, the nearby village of Akumal offers beautiful luxury homes directly on the beachfront.  These homes are more expensive, but much less so than any comparable home in the U.S.  What’s more, they have very good rental demand, so many owners cover all expenses of ownership and more by renting out the property when they are not using it.

Most buyers could reasonably consider both options.  One of the most significant deciding factors will be how you feel about taking on a construction process; good builders who coordinate these projects make it easier, but there is nevertheless some appeal to having your home ready to enjoy!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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