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Tulum Real Estate – Why is this Market So Special Within Mexico?

Thomas L. Lloyd, mazatlan Broker By Thomas L. Lloyd

Mexico real estate includes many exciting, interesting and very high potential markets.  You may ask, then, why Tulum real estate stands out among these – what makes it special or unique?  The following are a few points about Tulum and its real estate market that help to answer this question.

Location within the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is currently not only Mexico’s but Latin America’s most important tourism region.  The region begins with Cancun in the north and ends with Tulum in the south.  So far, tourism and real estate booms have made their way southward in clear “domino effect” pattern, bringing many new services and activities, as well as more property options and increasing property values.  Tulum is more than clearly the “next in line.”

Mayan Heritage

One point which makes Tulum unique within this area is its heritage as a Mayan town.   The town itself is closely tied to the Mayan Pyramid site about half a mile away.  In the town center, there are many homes with the traditional thatched roofs – of course, there are also many modern condos!  Local markets and restaurants preserve the lifestyle of the people from the area.


Environmental Lifestyle Focus

Another unique aspect of the town’s culture is that of its environmental focus.  Green thinking, architecture, construction and lifestyle are all made easier by forums and a culture where many people live in this way.  Eco homes are easily found, as well as resources for constructing eco homes.  Of course, there is pure, beautiful nature everywhere.

Upcoming “Magic Village” Status

Because of these traits and the unique way in which Tulum continues to develop them, Tulum is in the process of gaining Mexico’s prestigious “Magic Village” status.  The status will give the town greater resources for promotion and for the development of its unique culture and atmosphere.  So far, Tulum is the only significant international expat community which will be enjoying the privileges of this status.

Current Real Estate Boom

Tulum is currently in the middle of its real estate boom.  All indicators (such as its location within the Riviera Maya) suggest that this boom will lead to good return on investment.   The boom is also bringing many nice, new options for land and condos.  There are also excellent resources for having one’s own home built.

While there are many excellent real estate markets to consider in Mexico, Tulum is really a unique option.


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