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Mexico condos for sale are a dream come true for many Americans and Canadians.  Within this country, one of the most interesting options for condos is Cabo real estate.  A big reason for this is the variety available – variety in selection, price, style and location.  The following is a description of some of this variety.

Variety in Selection

Even though “Los Cabos” is made up of two small towns – San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, each of about 60,000 – there is a very large selection of Cabo condos for sale on the market; as of 2012, a good listing service will include upwards of 300 condo units for sale at any given time.  This means that buyers have very good selection from many different units and can pick the one just right for them.  This is important since it means buyers never have to “settle” for anything less than the perfect condo unit!


Variety in Price

As of 2012, nice studio units could be found for under $50,000 USD; from there the prices go up, including comfortable, spacious condos with 2 bedrooms or more still within a very reasonable price range (well under $200,000 USD.)  At the top end, high-end luxury penthouses and villas can be found running into the millions; while these are at the top end of Cabo’s price range, they are still much better priced than anything similar along the U.S. west coast!

Variety in Style

What’s your personal style?  Modern with lots of amenities like gyms or spas?  Mexico’s old colonial with archways, fountains, talavera tiles, terra cotta floors and bright colors?  A penthouse with wide-ranging views?  A garden apartment with direct access to a yard and a large green area?  Whatever you feel most comfortable in, you will find that perfect style; as mentioned above, you’re likely to find a few dozen in the right style and right price range.

Variety in Location

Beachfront, golf course, in town, resort, gated community, near shopping – whether you prefer a walk-every lifestyle or a private, quiet place with green areas all around you, views of the beach or views of beautiful fairways, you likewise find the location perfect to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Variety is the spice of life; it’s also a very good thing when you’re choosing your condo in Paradise, and Cabo most certainly offers you the variety you need to choose from!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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