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One of the draws of Cabo real estate – the beachfront paradise at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula – is the variety is property styles, locations and budgets available.  They cover a wide range of tastes and budgets, such as the following examples.

Beachfront Luxury

Those how love luxury right next to the sand of the beach, with views of the ocean, the sunsets, etc. will find many excellent options in Cabo beachfront for sale, ranging from well-priced condos to luxury Cabo homes for sale.  Prices pretty much span the whole range of budgets.  Some condos are in complexes with pools, terraces, etc.  All properties share the wonderful, wide beaches of Cabo in common.  This is a luxury that goes beyond what money can buy!


Golf Lover

Cabo is home to 15 excellent golf courses, many of them of professional design; this is a golf-lover’s paradise!  The only thing better than enjoy some good golf near the beach is actually owning a home next to the fairways, a walk away from a great game of golf at any time.  Both condos and homes are available, and again, there is a very wide range of prices.



Some people live living near the beach, but are also real addicts to shopping.  Living near a modern shopping center with international stores, knickknack shops, movie theaters, supermarkets,  clothing, shoes, jewelry, tobacco and much more is entirely possible without ever being far from the sand of the beach (or the golf courses.)

Quiet Lifestyle

Other people just want a quiet lifestyle where they can enjoy the warm weather and nature.  There are quiet gated communities, or lots out of town (along the beachfront or with beautiful desert views on the outskirts of town.)  Residents can enjoy a quiet lifestyle without being far from the conveniences, the shopping and the modern services of town.

Lower Budget

When it comes to Cabo, a luxury lifestyle near the beach is not only for the rich.  Those on a lower budget (even very low budgets!) can afford nice properties close to amenities and in pleasant neighborhoods.  Since the cost of living is low, this makes this lifestyle even that more accessible; of course, this is a good thing for anyone!


Cabo is an ideal place for retirement.  It’s warm and sunny, the cost of living is low and there is good, modern healthcare.  All modern services are available.  The international airport makes it easy and affordable to get to and from home for those who spend only the winters in Paradise, who want to make frequent trips back to their home country, or are expecting visitors.  They always say once you live in Cabo, you suddenly have friends and relatives coming to visit that you never knew you had …


Cabo is also an ideal place for families that want to relocate.  Cabo’s thriving tourism means there are many businesses that can be opened and families can relocate to a place where life is calmer and kids can enjoy the warm weather outside all year round!


Whatever each buyer’s needs, lifestyle and budget are, the right agent will be able to help them find their dream property in Cabo.

Cabo has something for everyone; living in a beachfront paradise is within reach for many people who may not think so! (Of course, if you love snow and cold, it might not be the place for you, but otherwise …); Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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