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If you have chosen Cozumel real estate for your paradise lifestyle, one of the nicest options on the island is owning your own single, detached home.  One of the beauties of Cozumel homes for sale is that there is a good variety of styles and locations.  Consider the following examples.

Beachfront Luxury

Most beachfront luxury homes are located out of town out along the beachfront road heading south-west.  These homes are large and spacious with features to enjoy the beaches and views in front of them, such as spacious terraces, large windows and even indoor-outdoor living with fold-away glass walls.  The beaches of Cozumel offer the finest of soft, white Caribbean sand and that turquoise color so rarely found in the water.  Owning a home directly on these beaches is much more than luxury – it is pure paradise on earth!



Downtown offers a wide range of sizes, styles and prices.  There are larger, spacious homes, and also quaint and cozy two-bedroom homes.  There are colonial style homes with arches, fountains and talavera tiles.  There are modern homes with lots of glass and clean, simple design.  As of mid-2012, prices ranged from about $150,000 USD to about $400,000 USD; all share the walk-everywhere lifestyle of a picturesque Caribbean town with cafes, local markets, good restaurants and a very vibrant and neighborly lifestyle.


Cozumel is a very biologically diverse eco-system, and fortunately most of this is preserved and protected by law.  Currently, 75% of Cozumel is protected nature; these areas allow for some construction, but with limitations on leaving most of the vegetation standing.  There are also off-the-grid homes that rely on alternative energy sources.  For people who enjoy this kind of lifestyle in close contact with pure nature, homes like this on the island of Cozumel are about as good as it gets!

Build Your Own

Whatever you imagine as your dream home on a Caribbean Island, you can have that home built just the way you like it. Cozumel land for sale are available for very good prices, in town, out of town and in natural lifestyle areas (with the restrictions mentioned above.)  There are experienced builders who communicate in English and allow Americans and Canadians to track the progress of their home online, view pictures and cost reports.

Homes on Cozumel are most certainly an attractive option, and an ideal way to enjoy life on a beautiful, natural Caribbean island!

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