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First of all, let’s be 100% clear about something; Puerto Vallarta retirement is affordable.  The cost of living is low and good Puerto Vallarta real estate can be found for just about any budget.  Yet, there are things you can do to make it even more affordable.  The following are a few tips.

Make your real estate an investment.

Puerto Vallarta’s real estate market is a vibrant one with many good condos and homes that have rental potential.  If you are buying your property ahead of time, there are a variety of approaches.  Beachfront condos often have strong rental appeal for vacationers which brings a decent income.  Back from the beach long-term rental holds appeal and can bring a constant and steady income, especially in the trendy new neighborhoods on the hillside, or in newer suburbs like Nuevo Vallarta.  The time between now and retirement, rental income can help to balance some of the expenses of buying the property.  If you are retiring now, part time in Puerto Vallarta, you can generate vacation rental income when you are not using your property.  Be sure to discuss this with your agent so you focus on a property which will hold rental appeal.

Have your own home built.

Puerto Vallarta land for sale can be found for very good prices.  In addition to overall, final savings, this approach allows you as a retiree to invest in your dream property little by little, first buying the lot than building your home.  Even after finishing the property, some finishing details can be left to invest in “chunks.”

Open your dream business.

Retirement is about relaxation.  However, for many retirees, having their dream business is more like a hobby than “work” in the sense of pressure and stress that we’ve got to know back in the U.S. or Canada.  Puerto Vallarta has a growing economy (due to very successful tourism) and many opportunities to invest and start a business.  Opening a business is more affordable and it’s easier to go through the necessary paperwork here.  Of course, the business will generate income, but it’s also a great way to keep busy, and many retirees find the process rewarding and enjoyable.

Again, retiring in Puerto Vallarta is affordable.  Yet, for those who want to make it more affordable, and take on an interesting new project for retirement, there are plenty of opportunities.

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