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Merida retirement is one of options that offers Americans and Canadians the most benefits, the most activities and the most interesting lifestyle features. The following are 10 of the benefits retirees appreciate the most!

Low Cost of Living

Even compared to other locations in Mexico, Merida is a very inexpensive place to live.  Everything from groceries to going out and travelling simply costs less.  Retirees can make their budgets stretch much further!

Colonial Architecture

Merida is a classic example of a beautiful colonial city – not only can it boast the second largest colonial city center, but many people will claim that it is the nicest and best kept-up.  Of course, there’s also colonial Merida real estate.


Owning a Colonial Home

Merida homes for sale - in fact colonial homes – can be found for incredible prices.  Merida is seeing a trend where the city’s middle class would prefer the modern lifestyle out in the newer developments.  This makes for great prices and excellent opportunities for North American retirees.

History and Culture

The history isn’t just visible; every corner of the city is full of stories and events from the past.  Of course, the city is also a living, vibrant culture, where residents can enjoy music, art, theater and festivities.

Warm Weather

The weather in Merida is warm, all year round.  Plenty of sunshine as well.

A Relaxing Lifestyle

People in Merida have known how to be relaxed for centuries.  It’s a part of their culture, a part of their way of life.  This wears off on newcomers – very quickly!

Nearby Mayan Sites

The famous pyramids of Chichen Itza, where the sun creates a shadow form of a snake on the equinox, is just one example.  There are dozens upon dozens of beautiful, mystical Mayan pyramids to visit.

Nearby Beaches

Only about 30 minutes away begins a stretch of beachfront with quaint, relaxing villages.  These are great places to visit, and some retirees even choose these villages.

Modern Services & Shopping

While Merida is a classical colonial city, preserving the relaxation of the past as much as the architecture, it is also a modern metropolitan with international stores, large shopping malls, movie theaters, excellent hospitals, and more.


Merida’s crime rate is comparable to that of Wyoming.  Unfortunately in Wyoming, you can’t find colonial cities, beaches and Mayan pyramids – and warm weather and sunshine? Well maybe for a couple of months.  People feel very safe in Merida and stats back this feeling.

Many, many more reasons could be listed.  These are just a few of the most common out there that people often mention.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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