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When you decide to live on the Puerto Vallarta beachfront, you've chosen life in Paradise! While it's definitely something to get excited about, you will also want to consider a few practical points - items you will need in order to make this exciting dream a reality.


Real Estate

One of the first important steps you will want to take is finding the ideal Puerto Vallarta real estate.   There are many beautiful property options ranging from huge luxury homes overlooking the beach to nice condos with excellent views that are available for just about any buyer.   If you're like most expats it's also worth your while considering a Puerto Vallarta condo for sale on the hillside; prices are noticeably lower and most people say the views are actually better!



There are various items for which you will want to have insurance.   One of these is that home you are going to buy. Perhaps you are a boat owner (you may wish to consider living in the marina!)   Everyone will want to consider health insurance; there are excellent hospitals and insurance is available for much lower prices than in the U.S.   If you're thinking of owning a car, this is another item.   There are insurance brokers who deal primarily with non-Mexicans.


Residency Information

How long will you be staying in Puerto Vallarta at any given time?   If you are staying for less than 6 month periods, the document they give you when you arrive at the airport (or at the border if you're driving) will be all you need.   If you are staying longer, then you will want to begin applying for an extended residency status within the first 3 months.


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Some banking will require you to have temporary residency in Mexico; in all cases, you will want to know how to access your funds from back home.   Wire transfers are very secure approach once you have your own account; until then, ATMs in Mexico allow you to withdraw cash.   Some banks have arrangements so there are no fees!


Sunscreen and a Cold Drink

With these basics planned, you will be read to begin enjoying the fine beaches of the Pacific!   Even before you get the rest in place, in fact, as soon as you arrive, be sure to spend some time just relaxing in the sunshine!


Life on Puerto Vallarta's beachfront is everything you imagine it will be!   Planning out these practical items will help you make the most of it from day 1.


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