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When you decide to take a vacation in Yucatan (an excellent choice, by the way!) there are several ways to go about finding accommodation. A highly recommendable approach is to find a Mexico vacation rental.  The following are the top 10 reasons why to go this route.

Save MoneyYucatan vacation rentals – especially those directly from the owner – offer you savings that you cannot find in resorts or hotels.  While this is especially true of small groups (extended families, business groups, etc.) it is also true for couples or small families.  You can choose the property and shop around in a greater variety of price ranges to find the deal on the vacation rental just right for you.  You can also negotiate with the owner for a price.


Choose the Ideal Location – Vacation rentals are available in the beautiful colonial city of Merida; vacationers can feel a great deal of confidence in choosing a rental in many different neighborhoods, since this is one of the safest cities in Mexico.  In fact, its safety is on par with that of Wyoming. (Good luck finding an old colonial city or a beachfront in Wyoming!)  There are also the beautiful beachfront towns to consider, which start about 30 minutes north of Merida.


Choose the Best Size, Style – Would you prefer a modern high-rise condo, or a classic colonial home with the rooms centered on a beautiful courtyard with a fountain and archways?  Do you need a home with 5 rooms, or a cozy 1 bedroom apartment?  Regardless of your needs, you will have plenty of flexibility in choosing what is best!


Experience Mexico More Directly – When you choose a vacation rental, you don’t necessarily have to be inside of a resort complex (although this is available if you prefer!)  You can have more direct contact with a real Mexican community, as well as with the expat neighbors.  You will definitely have a richer and more unique experience than those who buy the vacation package!


You Might Find the Property of Your Dreams! – Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you this, but quite frequently, after an American or Canadian heads down to Mexico on vacations, they will fall in love with Yucatan and a vacation will turn into a search for a permanent or part-time home!  If you are renting, this is just that much more likely …

Renting a vacation home in Yucatan is a wonderful and rich experience!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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