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One of the most interesting options in Mexico real estate is that of classic old Yucatan haciendas; yet this option receives very little attention.  Investors and those simply looking for relaxation in the way that has almost been lost with the past will want to look into this wonderful option within Yucatan real estate.  The following are some of the attractive points.

Colonial Architecture

The old Haciendas were built by the Spanish ruling class in the Yucatan Peninsula as they were throughout the country during colonial times.  They were built not only to serve practical purposes for the estates, but also to be visually appealing with archways, towers and beautiful stonework.  Long windows and thick walls optimize natural light while preventing interior heating.  It’s one thing to see all of this, but entirely different to own and live in this old charm every day!


Countryside Lifestyle

Haciendas are in the middle of Yucatan’s beautiful countryside.  Fresh air, fields, jungle and sunshine are the defining factors of a relaxing everyday life.  Life becomes much more relaxing stepping out of the busy schedule and rush of cities and work into a natural setting as seen through the eyes of the past.


It is surprising what the prices are for an old estate that at one time was the distinguishing factor of the upper class.  This is especially true if you are interested in a project, an old hacienda which you will be fixing up and giving new form.

Investment Potential

Many successful businesses have been opened in Haciendas.  While you may not be creating the cactus plantations which were so successful in the past, they hold very high appeal for hotels or restaurants.  A growing number of expats have chosen to make investments in Mexico opening up their dream business and starting life in Paradise before retirement.  Haciendas lend themselves very well to this option.

Location and Ease of Access

While you feel like you’re transported to a different world, ages away from everything, Yucatan is served by two very well connected airports – Merida and Cancun.  Either or both will usually be within 30 minutes to 3 hours of all parts of Yucatan’s countryside.  This makes life in Paradise convenient!

Whether it’s for a comfortable lifestyle away from it all, starting your dream business or a combination of the two, a colonial hacienda in Yucatan is a very worthwhile consideration!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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