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When you decide to buy Cozumel real estate, one of the most attractive options will be condos.  The following are features you can look for in a Cozumel condo for sale.

Close to the Beach

The beaches of Cozumel are beautiful with soft, white sand and bright turquoise water.  Living right next to the beach is nice, but even those living a couple of blocks back can fully enjoy the warm-weather lifestyle afforded by this perfect paradise!  For some people, a short drive is fine.  For others, walking distance is preferable. This depends on your lifestyle and preferences.


Good Prices

Condos on the island of Cozumel are very well priced.  Average Americans and Canadians can comfortably consider buying a nice condo in Cozumel, whether it be for vacationing, retirement or investment purposes.  Price reductions and pre-construction discounts can add additional savings.

Close to Shopping, Amenities

Cozumel includes many stores, shops, restaurants, cafes, galleries and tourist activities, such as a golf course and a new marina.  Owning a condo near the amenities most important to you is definitely not too much to ask.  As with the beach, you can decide whether walking distance or a short drive is your necessity.

Financing Options

Financing is available for condos in Cozumel.  At times, there are bank mortgages available for non-American buyers. For new pre-construction condos, short-term financing is often offered by developers.  More and more developers are offering flexible payment plans along with appropriate legal arrangements to protect both buyer and seller.  Already affordable condos become that much more affordable!

Pools, Lounge Areas, Etc.

Condos can be found in nice complexes that include pools, gyms, lounge areas, green spaces and even spas.  Having these items within the complex just makes life that much more comfortable and convenient.  While living near the beach is always attractive, it’s nice to have these activities available directly within your complex; that way on days you don’t feel like heading out, you can enjoy full relaxation right at home.

Nearby Nature

75% of the island of Cozumel is protected nature in several very large nature parks and reserves.  This means that there is plenty of nature nearby.  You can choose a condo that is as close to nature as you please, or even right in the middle of it!  For many, the combination of beachfront and jungle is ideal.

When you decide to buy your condo in Cozumel, be sure to look for exactly what you want; after all, it is your life in paradise that you are beginning!

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