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With the growth of tourism and strong eco culture in this small town, Tulum real estate has become a very appealing market.  Some buyers are worried about one of the same items that makes the town so appealing; because of the fact that the beachfront is occupied by eco-hotels and rustic cabins to rent, no Tulum condos for sale can be found directly on the beachfront.  However, in the nearby village of Akumal, beautiful beachfront condos can be found that combine the pleasure of living right next to the sand of the world’s most beautiful beaches with an natural, ecological lifestyle.


Akumal real estate is similar to Tulum in the fact that it is a small community (even smaller than Tulum) with a focus on nature and ecology.  The village protects its natural sand dunes, and includes an ecology center that helps provide information about and protection of sensitive aspects of the surrounding nature, such as the sea turtles, their nesting areas and the coral reef.

There are ecological homes available, some including environment-friendly features such as “swamp-land” water treatment gardens, and others being virtually sustainable.

Akumal is unique also unique from Tulum in several important ways.  One is that the village is located directly on the beachfront.  As already mentioned, this allows buyers to consider condos and even individual homes that are located directly next to the beach with direct access to and views of the beautiful white sand and bright turquoise water.  This is a really attractive option – even more so since it is close to all the services of both Tulum and especially of Playa del Carmen, 40 minutes down the road.

Another unique fact about Akumal is that is remaining small.  Tulum has been seeing a boom, following in the footsteps of Cancun and Playa del Carmen.  It is growing with new services, restaurants and activities appearing every day.  Akumal has very short access to all of this, but is remaining a small village with a unique character.

Akumal offers all the features that Americans and Canadians love about Tulum – ecology, nature and bohemian lifestyle – but adds to that with its beachfront location and its small village atmosphere.  If you consider Akumal to be a part of the Tulum area, than, yes, beachfront condos for sale can be found in Tulum.

Buyers who want to enjoy the best of Tulum but live on the beachfront will do well to consider Akumal at the top of their list of options.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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