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What Makes Aldea Zama in Tulum, Mexico a Unique Community?

Bea Lozano,  Broker By Bea Lozano

Tulum is a pretty unique place as it is – with its Mayan heritage, growing eco culture and connection to Eastern spirituality. And within Tulum, Aldea Zama stands out as unique community that combines the best of a trendy modern lifestyle and connection to nature.

Tulum – A One-of-a-Kind Town

One of several impressive parts of the growth and development of the Riviera Maya is that each community has taken on a distinct charater to appeal to many different kinds of travelers and expats. Cancun is a large metropolitan defined by luxury high-rise condos, shopping malls, international stores and just about any service you can think of. Playa del Carmen combined it's traditional downtown with the beachfront to create a European and even romantic flavor.

Tulum, on the other hand, has been built around the concept of nature and a connection to the area's mystic roots. Eco homes, yoga classes and rustic cabins on the beach are just a few examples of how these aspects have become part of the culture.

The town itself has taken on a bohemian flavor. Rustic cafes with a unique combination of Mayan thatched roofs and an international twist have become common place, as well as nice local restaurants serving excellent food at a great price.

Aldea Zama – a New Take on Tulum

Even as Tulum grows to gain a special place within the Riviera Maya, Aldea Zama has begun to make something new out of Tulum. This master development has been called the “new Fifth Avenue” referring to the famous pedestrian walkway in Playa del Carmen which has been the focal point of the towns European flavor. In a way, this comparison is helpful; Aldea Zama's village center will offer an ideal pedestrian space with trendy shops, nice cafes and good restaurants.

Yet, in another way, Aldea Zama is not like Fifth Avenue. The design of the community has embraced Tulum's natural atmosphere and taste for the mystic. Wooded lots, rugged stone construction and natural wood all highlight the area's nature, and seem a world away from the corner of Italy that you are transported to when you step onto Fifth Avenue.

It is also the closest community to the beach in Tulum – a beach which is gaining world-wide fame as one of the best to be found!

An Opportunity to Live in Paradise and to Invest

One of the most exciting parts of Aldea Zama is that it offers expats an ideal place to buy a lot and build their dream home, to invest or to open a business.

Aldea Zama is truly a unique community in a unique town.

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