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Playa del Carmen Real Estate is, in many ways, defined by its beautiful, world famous beachfront. Condos and homes near the ocean enjoy excellent views of the turquoise blue waters; life on the beach means pleasant ocean side walks in the evening, or on weekend mornings, and the perfect place to enjoy waterfront activities, such as swimming, boating, scuba diving and many more. The fresh breeze from the ocean keeps Playa del Carmen's warm climate relatively moderate. Playa del Carmen Real Estate is about to benefit from several beach improvement initiatives, including a large-scale project, which will widen many of the city's already spacious beaches, and, the most recently undertaken project, the placement of buoy lines near the beach to define swimming areas.


The government branch responsible for safety in the area's beaches began the first stage of the project in mid-November in Playa del Carmen's main downtown beach area stretching for a bit less than a mile, from the ferry dock at Juarez Ave. to the one at Constituyentes Avenue. The placement of the buoys is intended to ensure the safety of the swimmers, visitors and residents alike, during their stay at the beach.


The first step, running from Second Street North to the ferry dock to Cozumel, should be completed within about a week, depending on the strength of the waves. Once this step is completed, the stretch from Second to Fourth Street will be completed, and so on until the buoys reach the second ferry dock at Constituyentes Avenue, which is the street after 16th. A string of buoys covering a distance of 100 meters from the beach out to sea will define the safe areas for swimmers. The work is expected to be done in a quick manner to ensure that visitors and real estate owners can continue enjoying the beach, now with newly improved safety.

Once the work begins to expand the beaches, the buoy lines will have to be adjusted accordingly to account for the new, extended beach lines.


Along with the beach expansion project, this initiative shows the local and state governments' commitment to maintaining the main attraction for real estate buyers considering buying in Playa del Carmen; the beaches, which may well be the most beautiful in the world.    

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