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Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas? If you've been looking at Playa del Carmen MLS properties, chances are that you're probably dreaming of anything but that; in fact, you probably feel you've had just a few too many white Christmases - mostly because of the cold that goes with it. Now imagine another kind of winter, the kind that Playa del Carmen Real Estate or Cancun Real Estate offer.

Instead of a biting cold that makes you keep turning up the heat, or adding another sweater or jacket, imagine an evening relaxing on a lawn chair on a beautiful beach at about 70 degrees, with a pleasant breeze from the ocean, with some of the best international jazz, played live right there on the beach. This is the kind of winter that Cancun or Playa del Carmen real estate offers home owners!

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While the seventh Riviera Maya Jazz Festival didn't take place at Christmas time, it took place only a couple of weeks before, this year bring the world-famous jazz master Herbie Hancock to Mexico's warm beaches. The styles range from slower, more relaxing jazz, to upbeat and international blends of the style, offering a little bit of everything for both jazz lovers, and people who enjoy music of any kind. The event lasted for four days, and took place on the very spacious beach known as "Mamitas" at the north end of downtown Playa del Carmen. For Cancun residents the jazz festival is short drive away, of less than an hour.

While the initial draw of buying real estate in Playa del Carmen or Cancun is the appeal of living next to the some of the world's most beautiful beaches in a year-round warm climate, the community of international residents coming from the U.S., Canada, Europe and other places has attracted excellent cultural events, like this jazz festival and many more, so there's always something to do, if you feel you would like another way to relax.

In a song or movie, a white Christmas certainly sounds romantic. But in reality the magic wears off quickly, with the aches and pains the cold brings us. Winter and Christmas on the beach is in no way less romantic; but the magic lasts longer, and stands up to reality a whole lot better. Instead of finding ways to stay at home during the holidays, avoiding the cold, imagine relaxing to music on the beach, going out for an evening walk, taking your time enjoying an dinner on an sidewalk restaurant patio or just a good coffee - not because it's cold, but just because you like the coffee. If this kind of winter sounds good to you, take another look at Playa del Carmen MLS, or real estate in Cancun. After so many white Christmases, you probably won't feel bad making the move and living on the beach during the winters.

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