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Buying a Puerto Vallarta Condo & Your New Years Resolution

Michael Green, puertovallarta Broker By Michael Green

What was your New Year's resolution? If it was one of the 10 most common, then treating yourself to a lifelong dream – buying a Puerto Vallarta condo for sale – could help you keep your resolution this year.

The following is a list of the "Most Popular New Year's Resolutions for 2011" compiled from several surveys. If you made any one of these, consider how your life on the Puerto Vallarta beachfront will make it easier for you to follow through with it, and live better in general.

Be Healthier and Lose weight. Almost everyone wants to start a healthier lifestyle, but the combination of a hectic society and sedentary lifestyles in the U.S. make it very difficult. Living on Puerto Vallarta's beachfront, you will go for walks, play sports, ride your bike and be quite active, without even thinking about the fact that it's exercise. Warm weather and easier access to well-priced fresh fruit and vegetables make it easy to be healthy. Mexico's much more relaxing lifestyle will also give you the time and peace of mind needed to exercise and enjoy life.

Be happy. While being happy is more of a personal decision, making that decision is much easier when you are surrounded by happy people, relaxed, and living stress-free.

Save money. For more and more people, this just isn't optional any more. Puerto Vallarta condo for sale are very well-priced, and the cost of living is significantly lower than in the U.S. or Canada. It's easier to save money and enjoy life more at the same time.

Read more. While living on the beach, you would think that you would be relaxing in the sun, playing golf or sailing more than reading, with more time on their hands many expats who have made the move suddenly find they have time to pull out those classics they've been putting on their "resolution" list for years.

Eat, drink, try or learn something new. There's no better way to try something new than live in a new country. Besides excellent Mexican food, Puerto Vallarta also offers a wide selection of good restaurants from all over the world.

Take a photo every day for a year. It's surprising how many people make a resolution like this one. It's easier to do this when you live in a place where there is a variety of beautiful natural features – the Bay, the mountains, forest – and cultural features – the quaint old town, Mexican festivals, art walkways, etc. You may find yourself taking closer to 10 pictures a day.

If you really want to keep your resolution this year, consider making a more important change that will improve your life in more ways than you imagine – consider buying a Puerto Vallarta condo!

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