Landmark Year for Mexico Real Estate Industry Kicked-Started by Swearing-In Ceremony for AMPI

Published on: Jan 15 2013 by Thomas Lloyd


Tomorrow on January 17, the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) will hold its annual ceremony to swear in its new board of directors for 2013. The ceremony will take place in Cuernavaca, just south of Mexico City.


Linda Neil, member broker of the Top Mexico Real Estate Network, pioneer in La Paz real estate and leader in promoting professionalism in the industry, will be present as Presidential Liaison for the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to Mexico and Head of the International Commission of AMPI.


AMPI Nacional

Linda Neil

Thomas Lloyd, president of Top Mexico Real Estate, has been invited to become  part of the international committee in order to represent AMPI in their relations with professional brokers in the United States, Canada and other countries of the world, especially with NAR and its Canadian counterpart CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association.)


One of the goals of the committee is to draw attention the growing  business environment in Mexico and how this translates into real estate investment opportunities.


“I’m very enthusiastic and optimistic about participating in this commission,” stated Lloyd.  “International business investment has hit record highs and, among other benefits, created excellent real estate opportunities.  I look forward to sharing these statistics and opportunities with the international real estate industry.”


Thomas Lloyd

Thomas Lloyd

This year, the ceremony for the new board of directors marks the beginning of a very exciting year for AMPI as Thomas Lloyd and Linda Neil work to establish collaboration with NAR; Mexico’s real estate industry holds very high potential to gain increased exposure with professional realtors abroad who are best equipped to understand the positive statistics, see the potential for opportunities and recommend buying in Mexico to their clients with confidence.


The goal of Neil and Lloyd is to overcome the many existing obstacles and put in the effort necessary, using their broad expertise, to start exposing this potential.


Both look forward to 2013 as a landmark year for unprecedented advancements not only in international exposure but also in professionalism in the industry; several states are considering laws that would require real estate licenses – a clear break with the current situation in most of Mexico in which there are no requirements or obligations for those who offer real estate agency services.

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