Top Mexico Real Estate Brokers Play Key Role as Industry Gains International Spotlight for 2013

Published on: Jan 16 2013 by Thomas Lloyd
Mexico Real Estate Professionalism

Jeffrey Hornberger, Linda Neil and John Glaab in 2011

As AMPI holds its annual swearing-in ceremony for 2013 today in Cuernavaca, there is exciting news for the industry; this year Mexico real estate is going to be in the international spotlight.  A new program from NAR (the National Association of Realtors) has created the program to bring attention to “A-level premium” countries with affiliated associations, such as Mexico’s AMPI (the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals.)


John Glaab, a long-time veteran of the La Paz real estate area, and pioneer in professionalism for the real estate industry in Mexico, points out that “the Spotlight program has multiple features,” and predicts that “all … will have a positive impact on the Mexican real estate market.”


Glaab is a member of AMPI’s International Relations Committee and was named International  REALTOR® Member of the Year, 2013 by NAR.


Jeffrey Hornberger, Director Global Business Alliances at NAR said, “We are pleased to name Mexico as the first Spotlight country. Our members and our affiliates around the world will ‘discover’ Mexico and the many opportunities it offers for investment.”


Thomas Lloyd and Linda Neil (along with Rita Sheese of Cozumel) meeting with brokers from Texas in 2012

Linda Neil, member broker of the Top Mexico Real Estate Network, Head of the International Commission of AMPI and Presidential Liaison for NAR to Mexico, commented, “It is a true honor for NAR to select our country. The Spotlight program will bring substantial benefits to our AMPI members.”


Thomas Lloyd, president of Top Mexico Real Estate, has likewise shown enthusiasm. “Over the past three years,” observed Lloyd, “the Mexican economy has been very stable and undergone surprising growth. I’m enthusiastic about seeing these facts gain the spotlight.”


This program combines with the new efforts from Linda Neil and Thomas Lloyd within the International Commission of AMPI to overcome existing obstacles and create new bridges between Mexico’s professional brokers and realtors in the U.S. and Canada.


As for the Spotlight program, in addition to promoting Mexico around the world, there will be an International Real Estate Forum in Cabo San Lucas later this year.


In 2014, the Spotlight will be on Australia and on Canada in 2015.


In addition to more than one million members in the U.S., NAR is affiliated with 80 Associations in 60 countries around the Globe. AMPI has Sections in more than 70 Mexican cities.

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