UPDATED: AMPI Associates Now “Realtors!” – Part 1: Agreement with NAR

Published on: Feb 04 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Updated Feb. 4 – Orignally Posted on Jan. 28

Today’s and tomorrow’s posts are from Linda Neil, NAR’s Presidential Liaison Mexico and Head of the International Commission of AMPI.

AMPI Nacional

Linda Neil

In an agreement between AMPI and NAR, all ASOCIADO members of AMPI will also be members of NAR International Section.  They shall be International Realtor members.   This agreement is in force for the year 2013, in order to give all AMPI Asociado members the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of IRM membership.


In 2013 all ASOCIADO members of AMPI will be members of the NAR international section (International Realtor® Members or IRM). Fee for this membership is included in the ASOCIADO AMPI national fees.   This permits all ASOCIADO members to use the Realtor® logo, to access realtor.com/international, to access NAR educational programs, to be listed in the on-line directory and to enjoy discounts, etc. to special events.


Additionally,   Mexico has been named as NAR Spotlight country for 2013 and will receive additional NAR publicity and promotion.   We will send out various  bulletins and communications to the targeted NAR global membership which is over 1 million members, including 80 associations in 60 countries.  We will produce at least one Webinar and we will have an International Tourism Conference to be held in Los Cabos June 8 and 9 with details to follow.    This will have a format similar to the MINT conferences held several years ago in Cancun.




CIPS DESIGNATION:   The Certified International Property Specialist is a prestigious designation created by NAR which helps all REALTORS® (ASOCIADOS) to be prepared to do business in the global marketplace.  There are currently 29 CIPS designees in good standing in Mexico.   The designation is being promoted through CCIE, AMPI´s Training and Investigation Institute.   The designation consists of five courses which will be presented in Mexico, in English and in Spanish in 2013.   Additionally, teachers will be trained to increase coverage throughout Mexico.



NAR´s annual conference and Expo with more than 20,000 attendees will be held November 8 to 13 in San Francisco, California.   AMPI is planning a presence at the conference with a 90 minute presentation educating global practitioners on how to profit from the Mexico market.  It will also have a booth at the Expo and hopes to sponsor targeted activities that target Mexico and business opportunities the country offers.



Tomorrow I will briefly explain the difference between an “ASOCIADO” and an “AFILIADO” and the implications of this for the use of the Realtor designation and logo.


With well over three decades of experience in the industry, Linda Neil Linda was the founder of The Settlement Company, Mexico’s first title and escrow company. She was a founding member of the La Paz and Cabos chapters of AMPI. She is currently NAR’s Presidential Liaison to Mexico and Head of the AMPI’s International Commission. Linda’s articles have been published throughout the U.S. and Mexico, and she has presented conferences throughout both countries. She is co-author of NAR course, “Doing Business in Mexico.” Contact Linda at (512) 879-6546.


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