AMPI Associates Now “Realtors!” – Part 2: Affiliates and Use of Logo

Published on: Feb 04 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Editor’s Note: Yesterday’s and today’s posts are from Linda Neil, NAR’s Presidential Liaison Mexico and Head of the International Commission of AMPI.

Real Estate Agent in MexicoYesterday, I shared information about AMPI’s new agreement with NAR and the fact that this allows AMPI ASOCIADOS to use the Realtor logo. Today, I will look at the differences between ASOCIADOS and AFILIADOS and restrictions on the use of the Logo.


Per AMPI by-laws:

The ASOCIADO is:   a physical person who has a minimum of one year in the business, with a minimum of 40 hours of training in an institution recognized and approved by AMPI, and is recommended by another AMPI Asociado of a minimum of two years in the business (local requirements may vary).   Applicant must present an application signed and approved by the section president and must promise to abide by the by-laws and the AMPI Code of Ethics.   The ASOCIADO has voting rights in AMPI.  Current fees are 3,000.00 pesos to AMPI national, plus local fees. Local fees vary from chapter to chapter

Realtor_logoThe AFILIADO is: a physical person who is employed or working as an independent contractor (sales agent) under the supervision of an ASOCIADO.  The AFILIADO has NO voting rights at the national level and has NO membership with NAR through AMPI, therefore the AFILIADO cannot use the Realtor® logo in any way or form. ASOCIADOS have the responsibility to make sure that The Affiliates working under their sponsorship follow AMPIs guidelines in this regard AND not USE THE Realtor logo in any promotional materials of their own.

With well over three decades of experience in the industry, Linda Neil Linda was the founder of The Settlement Company, Mexico’s first title and escrow company. She was a founding member of the La Paz and Cabos chapters of AMPI. She is currently NAR’s Presidential Liaison to Mexico and Head of the AMPI’s International Commission. Linda’s articles have been published throughout the U.S. and Mexico, and she has presented conferences throughout both countries. She is co-author of NAR course, “Doing Business in Mexico.” Contact Linda at (512) 879-6546.

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