The Politics of Buying in Mexico – Is the New President on Track?

Published on: Apr 15 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Mexico's EconomyWhen buying in a foreign country, most people will want to check up on the political situation.  Is it stable?  Is there likely to be major change affecting foreign owned property or investment?


In the case of Mexico and its new president, Enrique Pena Nieto, who just started last December, things are looking promising. The last president had taken a path of positive reform, modernization, investment into infrastructure and encouraging foreign investment.


In the first few months of his presidency, it looks like President Pena is continuing along this same path and perhaps even with greater force.


According to a recent article from The Economist, the President has begun to reign-in and limit the all powerful teacher’s union which had become a self-serving political unit which seldom paid much attention to either education or teachers’ needs.  He has also moved towards further judicial reforms and energy reforms opening restrictions on the state petroleum monopoly, Pemex.


As Governor of the State of Mexico (the state surrounding Mexico City) he had undertaken one of the country’s largest programs of new expressways, coinciding with the former president’s new highway project nationwide – which made Mexico the #1 nation worldwide for new highways.


Mexico's Economy - InfrastructureNone of this – except perhaps the highways – benefit expats directly.  But indirectly, all of it points to a better economy and a better educated population, which means better stability and economy.


Also, there is currently a proposal to eliminate the requirement for ownership by means of a bank trust in costal and border regions; this would make ownership more direct and easier for many Americans and Canadians.


So far, we are only a few months into the new presidency. But so far, things are looking very promising.


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