Mexico Sends 40,000 Jobs to the U.S.!

Published on: May 17 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Mexican Business in the U.S.Cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico is becoming ever more important.  As I said earlier in the week, this isn’t just the two presidents sitting down for coffee.


Today I found an example a Mexican company sending jobs to the U.S.:


While there has been a lot of talk about jobs being shipped across the border to Mexico, there is one company that is actually sending jobs to the United States.


The Mexico City factory of baking company Grupo Bimbo can’t keep up with demand in America. Hispanic Americans back in the United States can’t get enough of their breads and other goodies, including chips that taste like guacamole.


Mexican business investment in the U.S.When Bimbo first began selling its products in the United States, it didn’t have any factories. Today, the company has 80 plants that have created 40,000 jobs in the U.S., and it will continue to add more.


As the world of real estate knows, Mexico has a good deal to offer the U.S.  This is just one more example.  Building bridges is important.


Read the rest at ABC News.



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