Tim Johnson of McClatchy News Quotes AMPI Experts!

Published on: May 13 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Buying Mexico real estateLast week, Tim Johnson of McClatchy Newspapers, which is a large network including newspapers across the U.S., published this article citing a number of participants in the 2013 Mexico Spotlight program:


Mexico, to attract U.S. retirees, may ease limits on landownership


By Tim Johnson | McClatchy Foreign Staff


MEXICO CITY — Mexican legislators, seeking to make their country more attractive to U.S. retirees, may soon lift a major impediment for foreigners who want to own a piece of Mexico’s Pacific or Caribbean coasts.


For the first time in nearly a century, lawmakers are moving to allow non-Mexicans to buy coastal real estate and hold the deeds to it, without having to set up bank trusts or find silent Mexican partners.


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-by Thomas Lloyd

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