Mexico: “We Have a Chance to Tap into That Growing Economy”

Published on: Jun 14 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Industry manufacturing in Mexico“Mexico’s economy is growing faster than the U.S. economy, and although ours is much larger, “we have a chance to tap into that growing economy”


This is what Christopher Wilson has to say about Mexico.  He’s talking about manufacturing, but I think this – and several other insights he has – reflect smaller-scale in investment as well, such as real estate and small business.


Read this excerpt from his article:


“Made in China” is giving way to “Hecho en Mexico,” attendees at the Arizona-Mexico Commission’s plenary session heard Thursday.


Rising fuel costs, coupled with higher labor costs in China, make North America more appealing to manufacturing companies, said Christopher Wilson, associate of the Mexico Institute for the Woodrow Wilson Center.


Living in MexicoThat is a financial boon for the United States – and especially for states along the Mexican border – because the shorter supply chain means bigger profits, he told the crowd of Arizona and Sonora business leaders and politicians meeting in Scottsdale.


As real estate buyers, we don’t have the “supply chain” issue, but we do have plain tickets, transportation costs, etc.  Many of the advantages that are drawing manufacturers to Mexico are also advantageous for us.


Read his entire article here.  Read more about investment into real estate in Mexico at our main blog.


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