Why Do People Move to Mexico? And the Big One People Miss …

Published on: Jul 24 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Mexico real estate as an investmentWhy do people move to Mexico?


The answers are usually very predictable – warm weather, beaches, low cost of living, etc. For example see this article. This article and so many like it, including ones I’ve written, list essentially the very same reasons.


The message: it’s obvious why people are choosing to move to Mexico.


Yet, there is one major point that the average real estate buyer misses: investment.


Investors know that Mexico is the place to look right now. Average buyers – real estate buyers that brokers are sending to Mexico to find their dream home – can gain a lot by being aware of this fact, making the purchase of their dream home on the beach a sound financial move as well.


Providing buyers with the information they need to see that Mexico has many good investment opportunities in real estate and other areas, then guiding them to finding the right investment is an important way to look out for the best interests of our clients.


-Thomas Lloyd


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